Better Off Dead ???

Better off dead.  This is a phrase that doesn’t usually lend to a lot of optimistic thought or feeling.  It seems to be used in reference to how bad things are going to get while you are alive.  We hear it in movies and other story based media.  For the world, it seems to place […]

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Should You Lean In?

Facebook, and other big names.  They all seem to go together with Sheryl Sandberg. Her story is amazing.  Her communication skills seem to be too.  She gets in a room and people listen.  She develops, moves and accomplishes things.  She has leaned into her ability as a leader.  Should you? If I may, if you […]

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The Sin About Talking About Sin

Sin. We talk about it. We emphasize it. We perseverate on it over and over. It’s clear in scripture that there is sin. For all have sinned we quote. It’s true. In fact it’s truth. It is the clear divider between those who are seen as holy and those who are still outside the kingdom […]

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