Sacrificing My Own Culture

Has anyone ever given up their rights to see you do better?  Have you had the chance to grow because someone has decided that you are more important than they are?  These are not always common feelings that we all have, but when these feelings are felt, the impact of them can change our lives.  The pursuit of Isoculturalism is in fact a pursuit for this phenomenon.

Perhaps one of the confusions about Isoculturalism that I am able to dialogue with the most is that of this topic, the idea of giving up our culture to see another’s life be better.  We are not typically raised as children, especially in the West, that another person is just as important as we are.  The idea of being number one is too often the ground we build our lives on.  We are told from the beginning of our lives that when we can do something on our own, we have truly matured.  The idea of developing oneself despite another is key.  But this I’m afraid is not a helpful foundation for Isoculturalism.

Very often when I mention the idea of giving up ones culture to help another grow, many readers first hear that this suggests that we have the right to ask others to give up their cultures for us.  This is the idea of Egoculturalism, when we tolerate someone to get what we can from them and their culture.  This is a typical action in the West.  This is not what I am promoting.  In fact, what I’m promoting is the exact opposite.

Isoculturalism pursues that the individual that is engaging in their own development, to give up their own cultural rights and traditions for the other.  Isoculturalism does not ask others to give up their cultures for us, but always asks the questioner to be the one that sacrifices.  The moment we ask others to give up their cultures for us, is the moment we cross back into our typically Western egocultural values.  We must not ask for others to sacrifice for us, but for us to sacrifice for them.

Don’t get me wrong; this is a hard thing to do, especially at first.  But in my journey towards unity, in my path directioned at isocultural existence, I have found that when I sacrifice for others, my reward is great.  It has been said that to fully gain your life, you must lose it.  This is Isoculturalism.  When we sacrifice for others, we truly gain our lives.