The world has become globalized. Never before in history have we seen so many systems of life interact with each other. We have had to learn to become a global society. Traditionally we speak of diversity, and tolerance to enable some sort of peace.

But what if we could move beyond tolerance, beyond simply recognizing the wonder of diversity. Imagine if we could find unity, not simply a tolerant existence.

Isoculturalism attempts to bring unity and equality to different cultures, by sacrificing one’s own culture to preserve and build the others.

The concept of Isoculturalism has been birthed out of my doctoral research on global and contextual leadership.  As I currently work within a transcultural environment, I have felt the phenomenon of tolerance in a very negative light.  While we traditionally view ideas such as equality, diversity and tolerance with great pomp, living in the midst of an everchanging identity has caused me to question the efficacy of such ideals.  Perhaps unity is greater and higher than equality?  Perhaps as we struggle for diversity, we actually strive to protect ourselves from others influence, thus not moving into unity, but into a stance of cultural natural selection?

In creating Isoculturalism, I will be exploring what it could mean to submit to other cultures to see thiers grow and succeed.  I will posture myself in order to see others excel.

Join me on my journey to build others dreams, above my own.