The Target Principle

Have you ever shot at a target? When we start to focus on what we want to hit, we narrow our vision to the point of impact. If we start to let our peripheral vision control our stare, we can allow the edge of the target to control our aim. In focusing at the point of impact, our eyes will naturally remove those things that we should not see.Image

In the same way, when we drive a vehicle, we are trained to look to where we are going.  Looking at the destination point allows us to focus the vehicle directionally.  Yet I have heard many stories of young men in control of a vehicle, who turn their stare to a pretty lady walking by, only to turn their eyes and steering wheel in the same direction.  When we focus ahead we keep our focus on the goal.  When we focus to the side, the side view wins.
This is the target principle in our lives. When we focus on what God’s goal for us is, the distraction can be removed naturally.  But we can spend so much time focusing on what we should not do.  We think about how to remove sin, but our sin only gets more of our attention that way.  When we focus on what we should do, as opposed to what we can do, our vision will be controlled with where we are to go, and not what we should try to block out of our vision.
In the same way that we should focus on the bullseye, as Christians, we should focus on what God wants us to do and not on what He doesn’t want us to do.  Whichever we think about more, wins.  Whatever is pure, holy and perfect, think of these things, and then those things that are impure, not holy and imperfect will lose their grip.
Today, ask God what is your bullseye, and your sin will lose power over you.  Don’t focus on what you could do, but focus on what you should do.  Hit the target.