The Butter Knife Principle

Consider a butter knife. Picture how it looks. Imagine all of the possible things someone can do with one.

Then, consider the creator of the butter knife. Not by name, but by the idea that someone created it. Why did they create it? What were their thoughts concerning the butter knife.

Perhaps, as they found need for a specific tool to be used in order to spread butter and dissect little pieces of bread, the concept of the butter knife appeared to them.

Perhaps, as they studied designs of knives, they found that for optimal performance, a butter knife needs to be specifically different then all of the other knives and kitchen tools available.

I suppose it is safe to say, that as we consider the butter knife, the creator of it had a specific purpose and vision of what the butter knife could and would be used for.

I suppose it is safe to say that the creator of the butter knife cared less about which butter or bread should be introduced to the butter knife, then the necessity to use it for one’s bread and butter.

However, consider all of the other uses of a butter knife. It can and is used regularly by people all around the world as a screw driver, a pry bar, a letter opener etc. The vast variety of jobs that the butter knife can be used for is outstanding.

But when the butter knife is used for these tasks, wear and tear upon the butter knife can be seen. The physical integrity of the butter knife can become weak. But when the butter knife is used for it’s intended purpose, it can seemingly last for ever. It’s strength is in it’s ability to do what it was created to do.

Is it possible then, that when we use a butter knife for the purpose of spreading butter upon our bread, we use the butter knife according to the will of it’s designer?

It is possible then, that when we use the butter knife for a purpose other than spreading butter upon bread, it may still function for a while, but we are using it outside the desire of it’s designer, and it will not be fulfilled as a butter knife, but be beaten as an all purpose tool.

Now consider YOU. When you were created, the designer of you had a specific vision in mind of what you would be, and what you could become.

But consider how much you try to change who you are. When we use a butter knife outside of it’s design, it becomes weak and tired, almost searching to be used for what it was created for. The will of it’s designer.

Are you weak? Are you tired. Do you feel like you are always being used according to how weak you are, as opposed to what you were created to do?

When you live and breathe according to the design of your designer, you live in strength, not battling your weakness.

When you work according to how your designer has designed you, you work efficiently and seemingly effortlessly as you do what you were made to do.

Do you feel like you are doing what you are made to do? Do you feel like you are always being forced to do things that you are not made for?

Do you feel like others expect you to work in your weakness, justifying it by “real life”. Your weakness should not be in the need to use you for something you were not created for, as a screw driver, but your weakness is perhaps when you can’t spread the frozen butter. You need the hand of the designer to help with the chore.

If you want to know your purpose. If you want to know your reason for existing. If you want to know why you are here in this world. You need to look at what you were designed to do. You need to be all that you can be.

The butter knife principle. Do what you were created for. Don’t focus on good opportunities. Focus on the ones you were designed to finish. This will bring you health. This will bring you joy. This will bring you success.