Knowledge is Power…You can be like god. :(

Knowledge is Power. I have heard this a lot. Have you ever heard it?
I usually hear it in the context that we need to bring education to people. Education so that they can be empowered to overcome circumstances that repress them.
We hear about educating woman in order to free them from their oppressors.
We hear about educating children so that they are not oppressed by the systems that try to keep in them in bondage.
We hear about education for people groups that should know that they have more rights then those that are communicated to them.

While I like education, in fact love it, perhaps we have forgotten the first time we heard “knowledge is power!”.
Something just seems to be missing.
A professor I used to have once told me, “There are 2 kinds of arguments… One that sounds good, and one that is good.” There is something about the argument of empowering people with education sounds good. But is it possible that sounding good might be part of the trick?Let’s look at it.

Knowledge is Power. by Bailey Loose

Do you remember the Garden of Eden? Do you remember this event?
We find our selves looking at Adam and Eve as they have communion with God. A real life relationships
, literally walking with God. One day, a serpent came along and did what he loves to do. He took a piece of truth from God, and twisted it just enough that it messed us up.If you remember, God had asked Adam and Eve not to eat from simply one tree. He gave them full authority over everything, but that tree. That’s like a speed limit on an open road. It’s tempting. But fair.
The serpent took the opportunity to entice the pair. He said to them, “it’s not that bad”. ‘If you eat this fruit from this forbidden tree, you will gain knowledge, wisdom, power… so much that you will be like God”. In essence “Knowledge is Power!”
The argument on the table is that if you know more, you can have power over those that have power over you. This was the serpents argument for Adam and Eve. He wanted them to become enticed with the possibility of being the god of their own lives. So perhaps while knowledge itself is a good thing, when we use it to better ourselves over others, we have already missed something.
Are you the Lord of your own life? Or is God?
Let’s be clear. I am not saying that education is bad, let alone evil. But we are missing something.
As I travel around the world, I have noticed something quite amazing. The places around this world where the church is exploding in growth, seems to be where education is tougher to receive. But when I look at where education is high, and many people have extremely educated lives, they tend to become their own god’s, and the church seems to be dying. People not needing anyone, let alone God since they have been trained to be their own source of remedy.
We must be careful as we look at education. Knowledge Is Power. But power can corrupt!