My Super Bowl Predictions

Sunday February 7, 2016 marks Super Bowl 50. The game will be broadcast globally. Panthers agains Broncos. Who will win? Will the half-time show be amazing? Will there be any brilliant new commercials? So many questions. But here are my top 5 predictions.

My top 5 predictions for Super Bowl 50

1. Someone will win. 100% Guarantee.
Now I’m not claiming to be a prophet, but as I look deep into my heart and focus on the future, I believe that someone will win. Don’t get mad!!! I know this is crazy. But I promise you, someone will win.

2. Too many chips will be eaten
Alright. Let’s be clear. Chips are just the top of the iceberg. Super Bowl is a traditional event for us to legitimize gluttony. I’m not saying that it’s right, but chips, dip, wings and many other wonderful delicacies will be devoured.

3. Regret from decisions
Now this covers a wide variety of decisions. As above, I believe the statement “Oh man, I ate too much :(“ will be widely used. But also, “I shouldn’t of bet on them”, or “I should of bet more”. Either way, regret will be the crown many will wear Sunday night.

4. Marriages stressed
Wow. I don’t know what to say about this. All I will say is, wives please be patient and husbands, don’t blow a relationship over a game.

5. Church will be under-attended.
Finally, I predict that churches all over North America and beyond will be under-attended due to the game. I’m not saying how I feel about that, but I can tell you this much… As a pastor, I don’t usually plan a big church event on Super Bowl Sunday.


If you watch it or not, I hope that you will enjoy the day. Remember it’s a game. I know those are fighting words to some, but I ask for a your grace with me. Perhaps we have made sports a religion. Let’s just make sure it’s not man that we worship.