The Sustainable Presence of Christ to the World

I have seen a lot of people try a lot of things. I have seen some done well, and I have seen many good intentions, fall short of a good execution of an idea. A great idea isn’t always a great idea.

We are the sustainable presence of Jesus in our communities.
We are the sustainable presence of Jesus in our communities.

Often, our hearts become moved by an injustice. We see something that needs fixing. When we engage our faith in the process, we often feel that God is asking us to be part of the solution. Yet sometimes, even when I see great conviction leading towards great innovation, the implementation and success of that movement falls short.

Sometimes it feels like the things God wants us to do don’t always work. What’s that about?

As I reflect on this, and as I see many great and godly people try things, I must admit I have seen a pattern. I have seen something that God consistently blesses.

Too often, God gives us a conviction or idea and we simply try to engage in it alone. We don’t ask people to pray with us, and for us. And then even to take a step to join us.

I’m reminded of the story I once heard. There was a man sitting with his friend. They were sitting around a fire. The One man said to the other, I don’t believe we need to go to church to be Christian. The other Man simply took the fire poker, and pushed one log out of the fire. Then they sat quietly and watched as the one log, separated from the majority, slowly burned out.

I have long believed that you don’t have to go to Church to be a Christian. But try being a Christian without going to church and you will burn out.

Somehow, God has chosen to use us, to not only encourage each other,but ultimately to be His presence in this world.

Ultimately, the church is the sustainable presence of Jesus in our community.

When we try to engage in an idea or conviction by ourself, it is simply not sustainable in the long-term. We must find unity according to Jesus’ prayer for us. Together, we are the sustainable presence of Jesus in this world.

Jesus, build your kingdom here through us.