Laziness is about timing not action.

Too often, people can look at others and say they are lazy.  Is this true?  Is non-activity laziness?  

This is problematic.  I guess Jesus was lazy then.  Asleep on the boat when everyone was in danger. That’s lazy.  Or at least with this logic.

You see, laziness is more about timing than action.  

Proverbs 10:4 tells us that a wise youth harvests in the summer, but a lazy one sleeps during harvest.  Sleep or non-action is not the problem.  Timing is.

I once learned that the optics of peace are apathy.  In other words, when you are at peace, it can appear like you don’t care.  Much like Jesus on the boat.

The truth is, action does not equal productivity in and of itself.  It’s actually lazy to act in the wrong season.  Lazy brained.  It’s not wise to try to collect the harvest in the winter, in the off season.

In ministry, often we have little seasons that are less busy. The tendency of most North American leaders in churches is to feel stressed and try to fill that time. Frankly, it’s lazy to not rest in those times the God gives us. Peace is a fruit of the spirit, productivity is not. Read this if you don’t believe me (Galatians 5:22,23).

My advice, rest in seasons of rest, work in seasons of work. Laziness is doing the “right” thing, at the wrong time, it’s not simply inaction.


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