The Competition for Identity

If you have been tracking with me, I’ve been writing a book.  It’s been going for a long time.  In fact, I named it 9 years ago and I’ve been building it ever since.  But, I have come into a big hurdle.  What’s worse, is while the book is on identity, my hurdle is attacking my identity.

Go figure.  

While I will keep you posted on the launch, I’ll tell you the name today.  But I must warn you, this is the start of my major hurdle. 

The book is called “The Story of You. 8 Steps to restoring your true identity”.  I’ll show you the book description down below.

Here is why this is a hurdle, battle, or just a really big issue for me.  While I have had the name for it for 9 years, and while I own the URL, another book called “the Story of You” came out a few months back.  

It devastated me.  What’s worse, is it looks good, it’s from a fantastic author, and he has great publicity.  OUCH!!!

When I first saw this, I went into this little huddle by myself, licking my wounds and lamenting that I’ll never pull this off now.  I prayed and prayed.  It was a struggle.  I really didn’t want or foresee that competition.  If almost felt like an attack.

As I prayed, God did give me the grace I needed to get over myself.  But I really had to work hard for days.  

So I finally googled the name, and it turns out there are a couple of books with the same title.  They all look lovely.  However, they really don’t deal with what I’m dealing with.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for them, but in a world of competition, it’s hard to cheer for those who almost appear to be stealing your potential readers.

I had to learn, that there is plenty of space for all of us.  In fact, we need lots of books on identity cause we are in a lot of trouble with our misunderstandings of identity here in the Western world.  We need to bind together and work for everyone. 

So while my identity was really challenged with my book on identity, I had to come to a clear understanding that God views my identity not by what I do, but by who I am… I have been teaching that for years.  HAH.

It can sneak up on ya, but just remember, your identity was made by God.  It is eternal and it cannot be threatened by anything in this world. You are who God says you are. That’s good news.



Here is the book description.  I hope you will check it out when it comes out this summer.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

THE STORY OF YOU – 8 steps to restoring your true identity.

Have you ever wondered about who you truly are? Have you tried to define yourself only to find that the labels or

definitions you use don’t make you feel like the person you really are inside.

Here is the problem!!! You have been lied to about who you are! It’s time to expose those lies and find your true identity.

In The Story Of You, you can discover:

  • You were created with purpose
  • You were created with design
  • Your design reveals how to have a good life
  • And who you truly are, is exactly who God wants you to be.

The story of you reveals the lies and traps that your enemies use to get you to do what they want. It reveals the next

steps you can take to restore who you were truly created to be.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all of your potential as you unlock your true identity and truly live out the Story of You.


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