Should You Lean In?

Facebook, and other big names.  They all seem to go together with Sheryl Sandberg. Her story is amazing.  Her communication skills seem to be too.  She gets in a room and people listen.  She develops, moves and accomplishes things.  She has leaned into her ability as a leader.  Should you? If I may, if you […]


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“How The Mighty Fall” Book Review

Jim Collins, best selling author of “Good to Great”.  This guy knows his stuff.  I always love reading Collins. He is clearly one of our North American leaders regarding business and leadership.  He continues to bring rigorous research and clever writing to help us, his readers, to greater understand how to lead. I’m glad to […]

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Contextualization in World Mission

For those of you who like a little more of a heavy read with amazing content, Moreau’s book on contextualization could do the job. With the ever looming issue of contextualization bringing anxiety to the church, Moreau does a great job of providing overview of the theological discussion till present. Moreau deals with issue of contextualization […]

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