Plant THE Church

Have you ever planted a church?  What kind of seed does it take?  What sort of ground preparation do you have to do?  Are there tools involved, or do you just throw out the seed?  Does that make you a farmer?  Or a gardener?  Do you need to wear work clothes for the job or […]

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The Immigration Table

I recently had the opportunity to write an article for some work we did at the Leadership Network in Dallas TX.  The following article is the fruit of that opportunity.  To see the article in it’s original form, please visit   One of the values we hold most dear in the church is the value […]

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Global Youth Ministry

“Reaching adolescents around the world” is the tag line in the latest book I have read on youth ministry.  This sounds great.  Let’s have a youth group that the whole world can go to.  Perhaps some wild games that every culture will want to play.  If this is your hope for Livermore and Linhart’s “Global […]

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