A New Apologetic

What is apologetics?  Why do we persist on it in the Western Church?  What is it about our church life or our tradition of faith, that we would believe we must have apologetics? What do you believe?  Why do you believe it? These are important questions.  These are important journeys for us to be on. […]


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Is Justice Fair?

Have you ever heard of human trafficking or slave labour? Have you ever heard a sermon on the evil that is in the world? Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the troubles in this world? Does the thought of what is going on in the world, your city, your street, trouble your heart? Have you […]

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Plant THE Church

Have you ever planted a church?  What kind of seed does it take?  What sort of ground preparation do you have to do?  Are there tools involved, or do you just throw out the seed?  Does that make you a farmer?  Or a gardener?  Do you need to wear work clothes for the job or […]

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