Why “Iso” in Isoculturalism?

What is it about the prefix “iso” that is important to isoculturalism?  Does it stand for something?  Does it have it’s own meaning?  Could it mean that there is the desire to see cultures become isolated?  Do we desire to look at culture differently isometrically? Egoculturalism however, seems to be more clear.  When you take […]


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Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It!

For me, growing up in Canada, we had a saying.  While it might seem crass to some, it is a reality for many westerners.  When someone is flatulent, or passes gas, and someone in the near vicinity says “Who Farted?” a common reply is “whoever smelt it, dealt it”.  This simply implies that the one […]

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Co-existance. A Weak Goal!

A while ago, I was approached by a friend of mine to describe the difference between two concepts 1)multicultural and 2)cross-cultural.  In our discussion I couldn’t help but to think about how isoculturalism drives the cross-cultural experience.  We came to recognize that while multiculturalism intends to bring different opinions into the same forum of life […]

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