What I Study

Within my ministry and academic life, I have studied many different topics.  In this part of bradleyd.ca, I want to share with you the various areas that I have found relevant for our time together.  Please feel encouraged to click on any link below to find our more on the topic and possible resources.

Global Leadership

Often, leadership principles are taught in the western world as if they are absolute truths that work across time and culture.  This is very far from the truth.  Global leadership attempts to understand various cultural forms of leadership and learns how to contextualize them for you needs.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is currently the only cross cultural model for intelligence in existence.  It pursues not intelligence for the sake of knowledge, but intelligence for the sake of effectiveness.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the heart of my doctoral studies.  I was given an award for my research on this topic.  I longed to see how Jesus looks at us, and if it’s possible to be motivated by our design.  My hope is that my work in this area can help people see themselves as Christ sees them and to aid ministry workers to serve according to their design to avoid burnout.