Who I Am.

Let me take a moment to tell you a little about who I am.

My name is Dr. Bradley D. Friesen.  I’m originally from Saskatoon, Canada.  I was raised there, and found the love of my life at a young age. We married and moved to Calgary, Canada, where we now live.  We have since had a family and we love raising them so close to the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

I entered ministry in 1995.  I started as a youth pastor, and added many things to my dish since then.  I am also a musician, so this became a key addition which I brought to any ministry role.  In 2001, I finished my bachelor of Church Ministry.  Then, in 2005, I completed my Master of Divinity.  At this point, the Lord brought a change to my life.  I had been pursuing youth ministry, but the Lord had another plan.  A plan that I never saw coming, and I will never regret.

In 2005, I entered the world of cross cultural ministry, or global ministry.  I became what looked a bit like a traditional missions pastor, but my heart would want to grow deeper in the role.  So I entered back into training, and in 2015, I finished my Doctoral degree.  I received my Doctorate of Ministry in Global and Contextual Leadership from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul USA.  This degree caused me to travel the world and study leadership from different faiths and cultures, right in their original contexts.  It caused me to get a grip on how leadership varies around the world, and how I could bring global leadership models back to Canada, to help lead the variety of cultures we have present in our own congregations.

Today, I am acting as the Pastor of Global Ministries at Centre St. Church in Calgary, Canada.  I am also the creator,founder and content designer for The School of Identity, which exists to help people understand their identity in Christ, but in practical terms.  The school is based on my doctoral thesis work: Intrinsic Motivation in Identity Development.  It is my heart that everyone see how Christ sees them.  Now, I am referred to as a global discipleship strategist where I bring ministry and leadership training globally, to help make disciples of all people.

It is my hope, that as you interact with me on bradleyd.ca, you will be encouraged and equipped to bring innovation to the church, where replication has been the status quo.

In Christ,